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  • new balance,Error-free novel network does not jump word. In the...... hey, I do not. Zhu Wei said half, suddenly wake up, hey hey, although Ye Tao did not told him to keep secret, but he was going to ask the latter to make a decision. Ning Nana soon Jiaoheng, said, even if you do not tell me, I think it is not too difficult. If you find it, then I do not matter. Zhu Wei shrugged his shoulders, he was convinced that the words of Ning Nana, after all, this thing, as long as the area to ask a casual, you can ask out.

    Puma,Can be a see Ning Nana appears, suddenly surprised a moment, he is naturally no stranger to this girl, because one is Ning Nana long seductive comparison, one is Ning Nana and Ye Tao table before and after the relationship, he asked Through Ye Tao. Subsequently, may be a step forward in the smile, Road, you are Ning Nana school sister, today? Ning Nana Qiaolian slightly a red, immediately put on the open, generous said, I heard, Ye Tao students live in this area, want to see, where is your home? Error-free novel network does not jump word.

    puma鞋,Ye Tao is not at home, can really is not, the only clear that he is, as long as the former Tao Ge will definitely appear at home. Ning Nana heard Qiao Lian suddenly covered with disappointment, but she still unwilling to say, can you take me to see? In the ridiculous, in front with the road, if not accidentally, then the girl is certainly interested in Tao Ge, is not attracted by the charm of Tao Ge is for the money, or other. In fact, Ning Nana really is not for the money, although her family is not much money, but also in the home, parents run a small company.

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