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  • Nike 鞋,Diana returned to the iceberg, looked at the sword of the Jill, and take a look at the meditation of Ouli Keduo and the combination of chaos Dili source practice of Ming Qi, is also softly sigh, three of the cultivation methods are so strange, Only the normal point of that Ellicott. Few people are in the practice of moving to move, Jill is in that has been the sword, Ming Qi and Chaos is the source of black, in that study of the dark rules, Diana naturally do not know that standing in the Ming Qi The little devil on the shoulder is what.

    Nike慢跑鞋,Indeed, Diana's character is unpredictable, which is also her element of the law of cultivation, a fire a water, a great contrast in character, so she really can not be silent practice, only by the sudden burst of inspiration, etc. To make a breakthrough. But even so, but her Diana is also the two avatar have the upper ranks of the invincible fourth-order combat effectiveness of God, the fire department of God avatar is the upper four ranks with the top Imperial Invincible fighting. First practice, to see whether the inspiration. Diana whispered, is sitting on the ground, the virtual together from the eyes up.

    Nike Air Max,At this point, Jill's Dragon King Palace happened to cross a battle area, which is flying in the middle of the battle in the past, happened to encounter the two sides of the attack, the moment was hit...... Lonely mode homeopathic lift. The first reaction of a strong, but also an instant opening, actually there will be million Hall Dianchi, do the two men of the family! No, this style of the million will not be two families of the house! Since it is not the two families, let him stay, so that he handed over 10,000 yuan Hall design!

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