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  • NB,Well, not when, under the sound and sound of marriage, seduce my little daughter, but also provoke a woman, how do you not inherit your father's feelings of specificity ah? Jishi still cynical said. This...... the completion of a stretch, the feelings of the quarter's tone of the quarter do not know what to do marriage, but she mentioned his father, completed the eyes are dim a lot, the original in the Milky Way City, Ah into trouble, Ji sound has to lift our marriage, do not you know?

    new balance,Listen to the completion of that, Jishi but rather surprised a moment, then look to the side of the season sound, see the quarter sound slightly nodded his head, Jishi did not hesitate to pick up the palm of the hand gave the quarter sound a slap in the face, Who let you privately dismiss the marriage? Snapped sound soon after, the sound of the season clutching his cheek, silent crying out, this time, season sound has long been regretted what had been done, this time by his mother rebuke, the hearts of grievances No longer could not suppress, turned into the face of the tears flow out.

    Puma,I...... completed only speak a word, then do not know how to explain, but at this time, an old voice sounded, there is a trace of mockery, there is so hint of hate, but also accompanied by a trace of melancholy. PS: finally punctuality for a while, brothers, look at Satsuki poor performance, charity under the flowers it! I said the wind little ah, why do you always make life difficult for me? At this point the completion has been very helpless, and thought that the two will defeat the wind, he had already give up on their own, and did not expect this back to find a helper comeback, and then how we are also brothers, no need to force me so.

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