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  • Adidas貝殼頭,Guangzheng Provincial Investment Office received the immediate supervisor of the Deputy Governor of the order, at all costs, to make this respect the investment of the God of Wealth in Guangzheng province, once a problem, then seek it! At the same time, Guangzheng provinces and cities of the main leaders, also have action up, everyone knows that a total investment of more than 20 billion car production base, in addition to its own investment, the invisible among the surrounding industries Driven, is also a huge business opportunities. 20 billion investment, they might be able to create 30 billion or 50 billion dp growth...... This is the performance, this is the promotion of the big protection!

    adidas superstar,All investment offices are also stepped in, holding a military order smile...... this money words, really is a kind of great magic. The next morning at nine o'clock. Li smiled holding a cell phone came in from the door. Zhao Zhaoqing said: public, as expected, the vice governor finally still sit still. Just sent over to send an invitation, please public tonight at seven o'clock, in the tan area of 鈥嬧€婻ainbow International Hotel, sixth floor of the six six boxes to meet in detail. Paused, Li smiled and said: At the same time he also vaguely mentioned, accompanied by people who attended tonight, there are several young people from Kyoto City, the elite, they also want to see the public see.

    adidas zx flux,Zhao Qingshan one of these words, his face to reveal a faint smile, stood up from the sofa, pondering, said: You immediately reply to them. Said this evening at seven o'clock, the public certainly arrived on time! Lee smiled and agreed to a cry, turned and walked a few steps, she stopped, some hesitant toward Zhao Qingshan asked: public. If some of the young elites who are present tonight will make some inappropriate requests, will you promise them? Why do you ask? Zhao Qingshan hesitated for a moment, laughed, could not bear child not wolves, if they voluntarily on the set.

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