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  • adidas鞋,Lin Jing refused to believe this. Zhuo Qingya is not a foolish woman, on the contrary it is an extremely intelligent character, weird that the word used in her body is only a reflection of the nature of the half, in fact, if not Lin Jing Never found Zhuo Qingya is a bad idea of 鈥嬧€媡he woman, maybe he would really like to prevent the enemy as a guard against her. So he tried to wonder: If tonight what we really happen, how can you deceive the eyes of the royal family? Zhuo Qingya into thinking, for a long time before exclaiming: the two princes need only Zhuojia support Zhuo also need to pass the potential of the two princes, they will not really care to me here.

    adidas ultra boost,At this point only one of the biggest doubts lingering in his mind: in the end what is the reason, can make Zhuo Qingya even willing to take off his clothes you want to temptation? She is a pure woman, is not afraid of losing it? Lin Jing thinking, Zhuo Qingya face with Resentment looked at him: I wear back clothes before, you really do not want me? Lin Jing swallowed a spittle, cursed: fairy! Zhuo Qingya suddenly laughed channel: Whether you want me, from today, I am your people...... you are all responsible for the people, you will not regret it?

    adidas鞋子,Imagine the barracks in the taxi, Lin Jing seems to feel for a long time did not hear the room outside the night watchman's footsteps, and immediately wanted to go out to see, excuse to inspect outposts, Ye Hao temporarily extinguish the hearts of desire fire. This Xiao Nizi, which made his lower body at the present or as hard as iron! Such as Zhuo Qingya wear good, Lin Jing will also put on a coat. He turned, to open the door out, the ears are cold without a ring in mind. 'Bang 鍢? sound, the door was suddenly opened by external force, the door flutter, the night wind immediately penetrated.

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