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  • adidas官方網站,The tanker has been empty, up to 30 pirates, after the start, the two ships to slow the speed of 16 knots toward the waters of Somalia away. Sotla was so happy, really too happy, and interception of super tankers, which was previously unthinkable to own a few old-fashioned warships, not as strong as the civilian vessels now, the speed is slow. Walking in the super tanker wide deck, looking at this huge body of up to 400 meters, the heart of the pride no words, just want to sing aloud to release their own excitement - Since then, aspect is not a dream!

    adidas boost,Flying rockets, dodgy machine guns and rumbling sound of the explosion, flashing fire, this mountain is all, occasionally hear the death of whine. Yang Sheng five armed with a shoulder gun, tightly staring at the slowly approaching the armored vehicles and tanks, the face of these iron shells, rockets are not so, only near the front, with grenades to bear fruit. But the shoulder gun, this special giant guns, but it can be in the kilometer outside the breakdown of the tank that is up to 15 cm thick iron shell, but the shoulder after a huge set of destructive force, only a very small number of special training Of the people can use, or even the stent on the ground, the body can also shake the use of its arm dislocated.

    Adidas貝殼頭,9 meters straight head to the current 2.2 meters, the strength is surprisingly large, then what international weightlifting champion, a person can set them 20. Fortunately, the boss said, the maximum height will be able to grow to 2.5 meters, which is the normal limit of the human body, and then high, is sick, and can not occur. But the strength of the use of other feel boring, their five instruments used, is to request the boss specifically to re-create, do not look small, but the absolute weight of more than pounds.

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