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  • reebok 黑魂,Since the pet, why should easily give up their lives? Who would like to give up, it is no way! But can not blame you, bad not under the beam crooked! Nowadays, the vintage community is black, and you are just a clown. Well, the words understand, pet poisoning, with methylene blue has always been a misunderstanding! Xie Yu which refuted. Xie Yu was cursed by the lion's head of the Lebanese snow, this time already could not bear the gas, but at this time he did not want to gaffe, forbear to suppress the hearts of the anger, you insult I can, but you absolutely can not Insulting our predecessors throughout the veterinary community!

    reebok 官網,Xie rain eloquent laughed, laughing very bright, do not panic turned around and glanced at the two elderly people: two predecessors, Xie Yu is just tell the truth, if offended, but also please forgiveness. If you are alarmist, relied on the rapid tongue, the two of us though not what it is, if you want to say that we are not ashamed, Nobel Prize-winning master, but it can not be so forget. Not that you insulted the two of us, at least, you insult the entire veterinary community and the entire medical profession.

    reebok classic,Xie Yu toward the two bowed, and courtesy of the Wu Shuzhen nodded his head, and then look to the students, especially in the summer condensate incense on the face of pure presence for five seconds, Xinxin Ran smile, so that summer condensate fragrant heart Yi Chan, Xie Yu chisel fierce words, but also to make her Huarong pale. Once again fell on the air of evil Li wind and snow, Xie rain unhurried said: methylene blue and some detoxification drugs, to a certain extent, than the real poison to the more terrible. Whether people or pets, should not abuse!

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