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  • Nike 鞋,Gil a slightly stunned, looking at that faint smile of Tyson, asked: What is the Shura devil blood? Tyson hearty smile, looking at his face confused and with a hint of curiosity Jill, grinning is also loud, it seems not surprised Jill will be surprised, the palm of a turn, the huge palm of the hand hanging with a drop of bright red blood. You had just fought Brew, and you should know there was a drop of blood on his blade. Tyson took a deep breath, said the mouth slowly, then it is the Bruma sword on the residual blood of this land, called the Shura devil blood.

    Nike慢跑鞋,Jill brow slightly wrinkled and asked: do the authors, the blood with the effectiveness of the field? Tyson and Bruce two, as a smile, the latter explained: I explained to you and explain it, Shura devil blood, but a Shura-level demons, the body contains the essence and blood, as far as you know...... General Of the god of the body should be based on the existence of the body of the body, flesh and blood is not important. Blue to see Jill nodded, but also took a deep breath, continued: The devil's avatar slightly different, they also have the godhead, but they also have flesh, but our human god avatar, for the time being can not do that degree, it is learned...... To achieve the title Shura, to be able to God and the body of God integration of each other into a flesh and blood, and vitality than ever before, but also become flesh and blood.

    Nike Air Max,Bruce slowly Road, word for word explanation, to have a **, you can maximize the use of this Shura devil blood, allowing the body to be absolutely enhanced, to the extent comparable to the devil, so that the human Body, also has a powerful monster like a devil! However, I drop this devil blood Shura slightly different. Brou a hand, the drops of bright red blood drops, said: My Shura devil blood, there is a trace of residual will, that is, the demon left Shura will remain, this will... can also be called a trace Unconscious soul, unconscious residual soul, I can also be used, he can burst out of a certain strength of the field, comparable to the treasure of the higher domain class.

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