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  • reebok pump,Duan Yunshan nodded nodded funny, but this time, two footsteps came from a distance, with the living room door open. A man and a woman came in, the two people is the people and Yu Hui Ye. Ye Qingyue happy to meet up, you do not go to the gym yet? I heard home to the guests, naturally to come back to see. In the people Xiaohe He said, then looked Duan Yunshan and segment smoke glances, for the Duan Yunshan his natural understanding, because Ye Tao gave parents a lot of dark strength before things, of which Duan Yunshan specific information But also did not forget to introduce, but for the section of the Qingyan smoke do not know, but told her daughter told the steward, but also know that the girl in front of my son met last night, the name is Duan Qingyan, the only thing that did not expect is that Duan smoke, even paragraph is the daughter of Yunshan.

    reebok官方網站,This I heard my daughter talked about. Duan Smoke smiled nodded, stepped forward, said affectionately, uncle, aunt, I was a paragraph of smoke, you called a small smoke like, this is my father Duan Yunshan. Wen Yan, leaves the front of the people Yunshan open smiles, looking at the big brother Yunshan face, should be bigger than me, then I call you a big brother Yunshan. Duan Yunshan hearty smile, intimate approached holding the hand of the leaves of people, I am not bigger than you, I am now almost 50, while the brother is looking at up to 30 years old, it is maintenance surgery ah.

    Skechers,And Ye Tao Tao Yunshan did not look to chaos, and my heart a little sigh of relief, but he also knows that as long as the segment into the Yunshan sight, after a long contact with everyone, parents want to hide the cultivation of things, is unlikely, It seems time to confess some things to their parents, but also to give them an identity, so that they later caught unprepared. At the same time, Ye Min looked at Duan Yunshan hand, the eyes are surprised, because he clearly Ye Tao to their hidden exercises, although not afraid of outsiders check, but if the handshake with the gas, or can check out the 12, But when Duan Yunshan grip on his hand did not make other moves, be peace of mind, open laugh, Hill brother also looked forty years old, how to say old, to sit down and talk to us. http://it-outlet.com.tw

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