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  • new balance,If it is really for the money, I am afraid to casually perform a more than the mere 20,000 yuan in this area. Ye Tao a faint smile, although things do today a little exaggeration, but it counted what, he just want a young and frivolous, he just want to do things. No, I do not lack money, II do not have time. Ye Tao took the money, shook his head, and then out of ten thousand dollars back to the youth, the money I do not care, but I hope you later, or find a practical job dry, do not waste the youth, the remaining nine Thousand five hundred dollars, it is as a punishment.

    Puma,Youth take the money in an instant, I feel standing opposite him is not a boy, but a deep-spoken kindly old man. And so out, the youth came to realize, and quickly changed the money in the past Road, this money I can not, willing to bet lose. Hey Ye Tao surprised, looked at the Youth Road, what is your name? Youth quickly Road. Tao nodded his head, immediately meditation Road, the system, the Feng Gang about the news to me over. With the words of Ye Tao, all kinds of news flooded into the mind one after another.

    puma鞋,After reading the message, Ye Tao goodwill rose, Yang took action to remove his business card, and handed Feng Gang Road, if you want to find a job, hit the phone, said Ye Tao to play, he can help you arrange a Work. Said here, Ye Tao looked at all the way the room, today's thing, I hope we do not say out, well, so, cocoa we go. Ye Tao big hand wave, with a can be out of the room. What is not a good point to play pool, you do not let me just do not say.

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