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  • adidas ultra boost,Yuehua Jian, middle-aged women moved away to cover the face of the child's hand, she moved the hand of the moment, everyone was shocked by the child's injury...... nose, the child's nose has gone! As the fountain of blood can not suppress the general flow down, because the direction of the problem when falling, the child's nose all the way in the past friction on the ground. Now have to find the location of the nose. The face of such horrors, Tangyou Jiang took a deep breath, calmly ordered: open the car over. Immediately send the mother to the hospital, all medical expenses mat, be sure to ensure the child's life!

    adidas鞋子,While at the same time. Among the crowd, there are two monks standing side by side, one of the monks frowned, toward the side of another monk whispered: This is your arrangement? This...... This should be an accident...... another monk around also exposed the color could not bear, he whispered: see the bike on the edge of the motorcycle yet? The motorcycle accident, you should be arranged, right? Is...... but we did not expect half-way will blaze a Cheng Yaojin ah! That some red monk face, said: First, whether or not we arranged, and this is also good, at least people do not see flaws to...... point in the past, and so on, people should go!

    adidas慢跑鞋,Tang Youjiang arrangements for a few people, it is to the mother's side. But as they reached out to pick up the mother, they will be sent to the hospital, the crowd of them, but suddenly sounded a Buddha, Amitabha...... several donors. When you send the wounded to the hospital, I am afraid that the child has been due to excessive bleeding and leave it! Do not know what the monk is to make anyway, anyway, in his shouting that the sound of 'Amitabha' when the presence of all, felt a burst of feeling like a spring breeze, my heart warm.

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